36"x 36"

Approximately 1,480 one inch circles punched from shop flyers magazines. Covered in a protective matte finish.

Notes: I spent more time than I care to admit collecting store flyers and old store magazines to make this piece but I think it was worth it because it's turned out to be my favourite colour palate so far! Or maybe that's just the foodie in me?

This piece feels like VELVET (It's so soft!)  and can be wiped clean with a lightly dampened cloth. I spent ages splicing sections of paper circles into the edges to give it that cut off finish, but it can be framed as well.

Play "Spot The Preservatives!" and "I Spy" with friends for endless fun!


To ensure the longevity of this piece, please, no direct sunlight, baths or food after midnight.

Series 1